Don’t Settle In Egypt!

“Now the Israelites settled in Egypt…”

~ Genesis 47:27

If Israel is representative of God’s people, certainly Egypt represents bondage, suffering and sin. For 400 years God’s people languished in Egypt under the heavy hand of Pharaoh’s rule. It was there God’s people began to worship evil idols and false gods. And it wasn’t until God sent His deliverer that His people were set free. May Christians today never settle in their sins. May we never grow comfortable in the chains of iniquity. But may we always look in faith to our freedom from sin in Jesus Christ, our hope and Deliverer.

~ apl


The Arm of God

I will redeem you with an outstretched arm

~ Exodus 6:6

Note: Even though the Bible teaches God is Spirit, the Lord is sometimes described in Scripture using human features. He is said to have human characteristics. I think the best way to interpret the passages that speak of God in this manner is not literally, but figuratively. And the Lord uses this human (anthropomorphic) language to describe certain attributes, not so we know what He looks like, but so we can better relate to Him and understand more fully who He is in our relationship to Him.

While the metaphor of God’s arm is used in various ways in Scripture, predominately we find it’s use in relation to the salvation, deliverance, or redemption of His people. It is God’s holy arm that has gained them victory! Just as with ancient Israel, when they were redeemed from Egypt with an outstretched arm, so it is the Lord still reaches out His arm to us for our salvation. Yet, now, He does so much more clearly through the outstretched arms of Jesus Christ. It was by the outstretched arms of Jesus on the Cross and through His sacrificial death, the Lord’s “arms” graciously brought our redemption. The promise still stands today, if you will but place your faith in Him, and believe in His Word, Christ will also redeem you with His outstretched arm.

~ apl