There Is Need

“My chief desire should be . . . to be a man of prayer, for there is no want of speaking and writing and preaching and teaching and warning, but there is need of the Holy Spirit to make all this effectual.”

~ Andrew Bonar

Prayer Life Pause: Dear Lord, may I bathe all my ministry in prayer that You would be pleased to add Your blessed effectual grace to all that I do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

The Gulf Between Preaching & Living

It is an obvious error for all to see in those ministers of the Church who make such a wide gulf between their preaching and their living. They will study hard, to preach exactly, and yet study little or not at all to live exactly. All the week long is little enough to study how to speak for two hours; and yet one hour seems too much time to study how to live all the week. They are loath to misplace a word in their sermons; yet they think nothing of misplacing affections, words, and actions in the course of their lives. Oh, how curiously I have heard some men preach, and how carelessly have I seen them live!

~ Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

Holy Power

You shall receive power…

~ Acts 1:8 (NKJV)

The Christian life is lived out in the power ‘δύναμις‘ of God. Namely, this power is the inner presence of the Holy Spirit. The believer who seeks to live a spiritual life by natural means will find himself weak and ill-equipped for such an undertaking. Therefore, through the enabling gift, strength and ability of the Spirit, we can live unto the Lord by the power He grants. This is power to endure trials, power over sin, power for ministry, power to worship, power to bear forth fruits of the Spirit, power to boldly witness for Christ and His Church. Let us then live by faith in a strong Savior that has sent His people such wonderful, gracious and holy power.

~ apl