Healing The Heart

“[The Lord] heals the brokenhearted…”

~ Psalm 147:3

My uncle used to have one of those gigantic tool boxes that affixed to the the bed of his pickup truck. That thing was stuffed full of every kind of tool you could ever think of. If you needed it, my uncle had it. In fact, he had an old saying. If you asked him if he had a hammer, saw, screwdriver or some odd tool you could borrow, he would smile and say, “I got a tool to fixed everything, but a broken heart”.

There are some things even the best made tools of man cannot fix. In Psalm 147, we see it is the Lord who is the divine repairer of broken hearts. He can and does heal us when we are sorrowful and in need of His loving grace. God is a source of supreme comfort and peace when all else fails. Though we might find some temporary solace in this world and through other “tools”, it is the Lord who promises, if we will but come to Him, He will heal our broken heart.

~ apl