The Face of God

Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face evermore!

~ Psalm 105:4 (NKJV)

Note: Even though the Bible teaches God is Spirit, the Lord is sometimes described in Scripture using human features. He is said to have human characteristics. I think the best way to interpret the passages that speak of God in this manner is not literally, but figuratively. And the Lord uses this human (anthropomorphic) language to describe certain attributes, not so we know what He looks like, but so we can better relate to Him and understand more fully who He is in our relationship to Him.

In the passage before us here, God’s people are told to seek His face evermore. What, then, does it mean to “seek His face“? Think about it this way, what does it mean when someone turns their back on you? It means they are angry or indifferent towards you. It means they care not for you or your well-being. So when Scripture speaks of God’s face shining upon us, and not hiding His face from us, or that we are to seek His face, it simply means we should strive for the Lord’s gracious presence, favor and blessing in our life. It means to have our spirit gently warmed by sweet communion with Him where there is peace and rest for our soul. Seeking His face is seeking Him! And this, may we do, by prayer, by faith, and by Christ, now and forevermore!

~ apl


2 thoughts on “The Face of God

  1. Great insight into that Scripture. I really appreciate that you don’t only tell us to seek His face, but also tell us how to go about doing that. Wonderful post!

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