God’s Vantage Point

“Elijah was afraid and ran for his life.”

~ 1 Kings 19:3

The reason given in chapter 19 for Elijah’s fear and running is that Jezebel was in pursuit of him for his life (vs. 2). Elijah, in fear for his life, flees to Beersheba in Judah. From there, God’s prophet becomes depressed and despondent believing he was the last of God’s covenant people (vs. 4, 10). Yet, it was in this moment of utter despair, that the Lord comes to Elijah, strengthens him and reveals to His servant there were many more “seven thousand” who were still faithful (vs. 18). And it also in this moment, Elijah was to go and anoint Elisha to succeed him as God’s prophet (vs. 16).

From Elijah’s perspective, he was running from something. But from God’s vantage point, Elijah was running towards something. Elijah thought he was fleeing Jezebel, but he was in fact running towards God’s service. The road wasn’t easy and there was even great despair, but in the end, God was there. Sometimes it helps to pull back and look at our circumstances, not from our own view point, but from the high view point of heaven. To put on our “spiritual” glasses and try to see ourselves, not running from the things of this world, but running towards God’s will.

~ apl

Prayer Life Pause: Heavenly Father, move me ever towards You that I might know and sense Your presence going before me in every step I take – trusting Your hand of love and mercy guide me along the way. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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